Makeup Lessons

Combining my skills and knowledge about makeup, I also offer makeup lessons in order to help you feel confident in applying makeup for every day, nights out, special occasions etc.

Please note: in order to secure your booking, a non refundable deposit will be taken.

Every Day Makeup Lesson                            £45-00

Update your skills with new tips and tricks, products and how to look and feel confident applying makeup for everyday wear.

Its very easy to become set in your ways, meaning you don't try new techniques to enhance your natural features.

An Everyday Makeup Lesson will be 2 hours long and I will ensure you leave feeling confident with new techniques to use in your everyday routine. This will help you match your skin tone and identify what suits and lifts your facial features best. I will also advise you on which brushes to use and when.

As I use a range of high end luxury products, I will also advise on a drugstore alternative - or bring your own makeup bag and I will advise on the best way to use the products you've got!

Teenager Makeup Lesson          

 1-1 Lesson £40 or for Groups of 4 or more £25 Per Person                                

Learn the correct way to apply makeup everyday, and learn how to avoid common mistakes such as orange foundation and poor skin care regimes!

A Teenage Makeup Lesson can be suited for people of ages 11-16! It will be 2 hours long and can also be done as a group activity! (1-6 people)

I will advise on an easy skincare routine, foundation matching, applying bronzer/blush, eyehshadow, brows & lipstick - & all the do's and donts!

As I use a range of high end luxury products, I will also advise a drugstore alternative!

Evening Look Makeup Lesson                     £50-00

Learn how to exaggerate your look for evening wear or glam occasions - bespoke evening glam looks can range from smokey eyes, winged liner, glitter application etc.

Focusing on how to layer eyeshadows and create that perfect blend, contour your face, & flash lash application! Ensuring I help you to feel confident & glamorous, using your new long-wear makeup techniques.  

This makeup lesson will be 2-2.5 hours, depending on the look you'd like to learn! Whilst learning a specific look, it is advisable to bring along images of glam that you like, this way I can help you achieve your desired look, tailored to your facial features!